Our Logo

The logo is of two arms held together with a grip of each hand on the other’s forearm. The significance is to show a bond of strength that even if one hand were to let go of the grip, the bond would not be severed. The star can be both blue or gold. Blue to signify those who serve and gold to show the support of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The draping of the red and white ribbon is to show the purity of heart of those who serve and the red to signify their willingness to put their life on the line in service to others. The stripes emanating from the star can be interpreted as a heart embracing the individual, or wings signifying protection.


This forearm grip is used in the Military, and the First Responder community which helps the Friends of the Brave show the crossover support of Military and First Responders. The grip in a horizontal position shows a greeting of friendship, in the diagonal position it signifies the process of lifting someone up, and in the perpendicular position it reflects our belief for all to be ultimately lifted up.

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