Friends of the Brave is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance and support through a variety of events and initiatives to raise funds to support our Military, First Responders, and their families.



Dear Friends,

We are very blessed with a large core of volunteers and advocates working for our military, veterans, first responders and their families.  We appreciate and thank you for all the volunteer hours, time and donations you have provided during the last two years.

Because of your support we have been able to work with local police and fire departments and non-profit military and veteran organizations to provide funding for their outreach. Friends of the Brave continues to grow through our involvement in a variety of events and through partnering with other non-profit organizations that align with our mission, and we are poised to expand support to other organizations and groups as relationships continue to grow both locally and nationally.

We are blessed to live in this great land and we are privileged to have the opportunity to serve. We look forward to providing support for our defenders of freedom and safety.


Friends of the Brave

Mike and Lisa De La Cruz are the parents of Sgt. Dillon Semolina, a young Marine from Minnesota who died in January 2016 when two military helicopters collided over the Pacific Ocean during a training mission, killing all 12 service members on board. We were honored to have Mike and Lisa as guests at our Friends of the Brave Craft Beer Event and very moved by Mike’s willingness to share the story of hearing of the tragedy and of the very trying days that followed. We invite you to watch his moving and emotional speech that includes how non-profit “Luke’s Wings” – founded to assist military families such as his – had such an enormous impact in their time of need, earning their undying gratitude. (Learn more about  Luke’s Wings at

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